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pike.git/CHANGES:409:      o Math.Matrix    Methods sum(), max(), min(), convolve() and dot_product() added.      o Math.Transforms    Glue for supporting FFT and iFFT via libfftw and librfftw.      o Math    Added the IEEE float constants inf and nan.    + o MIME +  Added method ext_to_media_type, which returns the MIME media type for +  a given extension +    o MIME.Message    Guess mode added. *FIXME: expand on this jhs*      o Oracle    The Oracle database glue now supports CLOBs and BLOBs.      o Parser.Python    Splits Python source code into text tokens.      o Parser.RCS    Extracts data from RCS or CVS repositories.      o Parser.XML.NSTree    This is an extended version of Parser.XML.Tree that can handle    namespaces according to the W3C namespace specification.    - o Protocols.X.KeySyms -  +    o SDL    Wrapper for a subset of Simple DirectMedia Layer    functionality. Useful for writing games, movie players and other    graphically intensive applications.      o Shuffler      o Standards.CIFF    Experimental module to read Canon Camera Image File Format data.   
pike.git/CHANGES:495:    Process.create_process( ({ "/bin/bash" }), ([    "stdin":fd2, "stdout":fd2, "stderr":fd2, "setsid":fd2,    ]) );      o String.SplitIterator    FIXME: grubba      o String.Replace, String.SingleReplace    FIXME    + o String +  Added a few new methods: int2char, int2hex, int2roman, int2size, which +  convert integers into different string representation, and expand_tabs, +  which converts tabs to spaces. +  +  Examples: +  String.int2char(42) => "*" +  String.int2hex(42) => "2a" +  String.int2roman(42) => "XLII" +  String.int2size(4200) => "4.1 kb" +  + o String.Elite +  Contains methods that transfer ordinary readable text into +  leet-speak. A fairly good argument could be laid out for putting this +  in Crypto as a one way cipher... +  + o String.Buffer +  A buffer used for building strings very fast. +  + o String.HTML +  Contains methods that help in generating HTML. +    o System.Time    Used to get the current time with sub second precision.      o System.Timer    Measures the time between two calls.      o System.Memory    Handles read/write from mmap'ed or allocated memory.    - System.normalize_path - System.gettimeofday - System.get_netinfo_property (Max OS X) - System.usleep/nanosleep -  FIXME: per? -  +    o Tools.PV    Convenience tool that sets up a canvas with GTK, presents a    picture on it and delivers a number of image inspection and    manipulation options. This is a great tool for image work in    Hilfe.       > object i=Image.Image(32,32)->random();    > Tools.PV(i);       The Pike Viewer tool is also accessible via "pike -x pv".
pike.git/CHANGES:636:    |    +-A---foo      o Thread.Condition()->wait()    This function takes a mutex lock to unlock while it waits on the    condition. That argument was previously optional, but not any    more. The reason is that any code that leaves it out will always    contain a race; it doesn't work to e.g. rely on the internal    interpreter lock in this case.    + o Protocols.SNMP +  FIXME +  + o Protocols.X.KeySyms +  FIXME +    o Protocols.HTTP    All methods in Protocols.HTTP that take a header mapping can now    handle array values (signifying multiple headers of that type).      o Protocols.LDAP.client    The return code from all methods was changed to follow Pike's    logic better. 0 is now a failure. The old behavior is emulated in    a compatibility layer.      o dirname
pike.git/CHANGES:760:   o dont_dump_module *FIXME: grubba*   o C modules can no longer call functions in other dynamic C modules directly    FIXME: mast, grubba?   o It is possible to inherit pike programs from C programs.   o Separate weak flags for indices and values in mappings   o Added low lowel glue for the Ffmpeg library.         o Calendar.verify *FIXME: remove?*    + System.normalize_path + System.gettimeofday + System.get_netinfo_property (Max OS X) + System.usleep/nanosleep +  FIXME: per? +    Nilsson does lib:      master.pike   - add_predefine/remove_predefine   - Improved handling of module cross dependencies.    -  - Local -  +    Multiset      Pike.Backend   Pike.Security   Pike.BacktraceFrame   Pike.WEAK_INDICES, WEAK_VALUES, WEAK    - String.Elite - String.SingleReplace - String.Replace - String.SplitIterator - String.soundex - String.Buffer - String.HTML - String.int2char - String.int2hex - String.expand_tabs - String.int2roman - String.int2size + o String.SingleReplace + o String.Replace + o String.SplitIterator + o String.soundex      Audio    - Locale.Language +     - MIME.ext_to_media_type -  +    Parser.decode_numeric_xml_entity   Parser.get_xml_parser   Parser.parse_html_entities   Parser.XML.NSTree    - Protocols.SNMP now works +    Protocols.XMLRPC      Web.Crawler