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pike.git/CHANGES:47:      o is_eq() works properly with objects now.   o Improvements made in rtldebug, valgrind and cleanup-on-exit.   o Searches for 64 bit mysql libraries.   o Displays errors when the compile time replace() optimizer fails.   o Zero-type is correctly cleared in a number of opcodes.   o Fixed leak in Oracle module when Oracle.Date objects are created or    cast.   o Several fixes for improved performance and compatibility with    Oracle 9. - o Fixes for compiling under Solaris 10, AmigaOS4, OpenBSD and MacOS X. + o Fixes for compiling under Solaris 10, AmigaOS4, OpenBSD and Mac OS X.   o Machine code disabled under FreeBSD 5.x.   o Preprocessor now handles escaped newlines in ordinary text.   o #if expressions can now be broken with escaped newlines.   o sprintf() %f segfaults fixed.   o Stdio.UDP->wait() now handles EINTR.   o Stdio.File sockets are properly released when connect() fails. - o xml parser fixes (see Pike code changes). + o XML parser fixes (see Pike code changes).   o mktime() works before 1970 now in all situations.   o gmtime() works for localtime now, and maps to closest valid time    when presented with an invalid time.   o Odbc: configure fixes for modern libiodbc.   o fixes for modify_shared_string() and rehash_string_backwards()   o Pike.Backend: Fixed bug in timeout calculation that caused the    timeout to be zero (effectively causing busylooping) if one    requested infinite timeout to Backend.(). (This doesn't affect the    default backend since it has a timeout of 3600.0.)   o Pike.Backend: proper closing of kqueue descriptors on *BSD systems    that use kqueue instead of poll().   o Pike.Backend: fixed a bug that caused delays when setting callbacks.    Fixes bad performance for SSL.sslfile based servers. - o Sybase: SybaseOpenClient framework on MacOS X. + o Sybase: SybaseOpenClient framework on Mac OS X.   o CMOD precompiler: fixes for polymorphic function overloading and    module level functions.   o Do not decode non-shortest forms in utf8_to_string and _Charset, for    security reasons and unicode 3.1 compliance.   o Image.PNG: fix a memory leak.   o Image.FreeType: Added support for monochrome pixel fonts.   o Postgres: Fixes to create() variable 5 parsing.   o GTK: a number of typos were fixed.   o A large number of fixes for 64 bit architectures.   o Significant optimization of sscanf %*s and %*[...]. -  + o Optimized Mac OS X cache management in machine code generation +  resulting in better performance in some areas (e.g. startup time).      Other Changes:      o Windows installer fixes   o Updated Nettle included   o Bug reports fixed: 3855, 3928, 3941, 3950      Changes since Pike 7.6.6   ----------------------------------------------------------------------