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pike.git/CHANGES:514:       > object i=Image.Image(32,32)->random();    > Tools.PV(i);       The Pike Viewer tool is also accessible via "pike -x pv".         Optimizations:   --------------    - o Machine code used on some architectures. + o Machine code generation +  On systems with IA32, SPARC or PPC32 processors Pike will generate +  native machine code as byte code. This byte code can then by +  executed directly outside the virtual machine and gives a 30% +  performance boost compared to other systems.      o Computed goto      o Better module dumping      o Overall speed improvements.    Function calls (new opcodes)    sprintf    arrays    replace    - o Deferred backtraces. + o Deferred backtraces +  Most of the information in backtraces are now calculated upon +  presenting the backtrace information and not when the backtrace is +  generated. This improves the performance of catched errors.      o Saved 8 bytes per object for objects not using their parent scope    - o Improvement and bug tickets closed: 1499 +     -  +    Compatibility changes:   ----------------------      The following changes are known to break compatibility. The old   behavior is emulated in the compatibility layer that is activated by   adding the preprocessor directive "#pike 7.2" to your program or by   giving the argument "-V7.2" to the pike executable.      o "global" has become a reserved keyword.