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pike.git/CHANGES:70:    - Random.Hardware       This generator accesses the hardware random generator, when    available.       - Random.Fast       This generator takes entropy from the Random.System, but feeds    it into a cryptographic pseudo random number generator to be    able to output data fast. This is not the default random number -  generator to avoid loading crypto code all the time. +  generator to avoid loading crypto code on every startup.       Comparing the different generators with each other gives the    following approximate speeds on a Linux system with hardware    random support:       Random.System 1.0    Pike 8.0 random_string 0.45    Random.Hardware 0.25    Random.Fast 0.20    Random.Deterministic 0.20    -  +  Objects implementing the _random lfun now get two arguments, the +  current random_string() and random() functions. This is convenient +  for C-level functions that doesn't have to look up functions +  themselves. Note that it is possible for a user to replace these +  with non-conforming functions (returning values of the wrong type, +  strings of the wrong length or shift size, and values outside the +  given range) or even non-functions.    -  +  All code in Pike that uses random now uses the current random +  functions (though in some cases fixed at object creation). This +  allows for repeatable results if the random functions are replaced +  with a deterministic random generator, such as +  Random.Deterministic. Example: +  +  Random.Deterministic rnd = Random.Deterministic( seed ); +  add_constant( "random_string", rnd->random_string ); +  add_constant( "random", rnd->random ); +  +    Incompatible changes   --------------------      o Gz.crc32 now only returns positive results.         Removed features and modules   ----------------------------      o Compatibility for Pike versions before 7.8 is no longer available.
pike.git/CHANGES:137:    will be regarded as the return value and the rest of the items on    the stack, compared to before the function arguments were pushed,    will be popped and discarded. Efuns still have to clean their stack    as previously.      o Removed add_function, pike_add_function, pike_add_function2,    simple_add_variable, map_variable and MAP_VARIABLE. This removes the    remaining few API:s where text types were used. Use ADD_FUNCTION and    PIKE_MAP_VARIABLE instead.    + o Removed my_rand and my_srand are removed. Use the random functions +  on the stack for _random lfuns, the push_random_string or look up +  the random function from get_builtin_constants().    -  +    Building and installing   -----------------------      o GMP 4.1 or later is now required.      o C99 assumed       The configure tests will not check for functions defined in C99    anymore and C99 compiler support is assumed.