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pike.git/CHANGES:1:   Changes since Pike 7.6.50   ----------------------------------------------------------------------      Changes in Pike:      o Added support for chunked transfer encoding and handle unexpected    multiple headers in HTTP.Server.Request. + o Added support for "urlencoded" as an alias for "url-encoded" in +  HTTP.Server.Request. + o Added callback support to Stdio.FakeFile.   o Added iso_646.irv, iso_4873.dv and iso_4873 to charsets.   o Added UCS-2 API support to Odbc.   o Fixed some bugs in Protocol.HTTP.Server.HeaderParser.   o Fixed decoding boolean datatype in Protocols.XMLRPC.   o Fixed short names in Standards.XML.Wix.   o Fixed time(0) to behave like time(), not time(1). This is considered    a bugfix and does not have backward compatibility.   o Allow _disable_callbacks and _enable_callbacks on closed fd's.      Other:
pike.git/CHANGES:19:   o Added compatibility for more odbc drivers.   o Optimized XML.Tree simplenode creation.   o Fixed reference underflow in modify_shared_string()   o Fixed segfault when exiting uninitialized mutex keys.   o Fixed segfault for two special cases of indexing unexisting stuff.   o Fixed gc problem that could produce an error "gc_mark() called for    thing in zap weak pass that wasn't marked before" in pikes compiled    with rtldebug.   o Fixed multiset node ref bugs that affected iterators when the    multisets contain destructed objects. + o Fixed out of C-stack errors when resizing unbalanced mappings.      Build fixes:      o Fixed win32 compilation.   o Fixed detection of SDL.Joystick on win32   o Automaticly add Pike icon to win32 binary.   o Fixed signal_handler compilation on OperBSD.   o Fixed gcc 4.0 compatibility.   o Added mmap PROT_EXEC support to MacOS X via MAP_ANON.