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pike.git/CHANGES:31:       - Switched the Fuse module to use a different libfuse API.       The way we used to use libfuse got first deprecated and support    for it is now removed from the libfuse git repository entirely.    In addition, our previous use of said libfuse API triggered a    bug resulting in a segmentation fault in at least libfuse 2.9.2    and 2.9.7. We now use libfuse in a less elegant but more usual    way, and do not trigger the bug anymore.    +  - Handle errors in Fuse operations (i.e. Pike code implementing +  FUSE filesystems) gently by reporting ENOSYS instead of +  exiting the process. +    o Gmp.mpq       Fix numbers between -1.0 and 1.0 sometimes missing a leading 0.      o Pike.identify_cycle       Fix various issues with LFUNs throwing errors.       LFUNs used by mapping operations may throw errors; this caused    identify_loop_visit_leave() to also throw errors. The rest of