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pike.git/CHANGES:15:   o More error handling added to Monger.   o More error handling added to cgrep.   o Added "Regexp.PCRE.Widestring" to the feature list.   o Added ADT.Trie data type.   o Fixed bug in columns sorting in ADT.Table.   o Fixed infinite loop in GTK.Calendar->get_day() and ->get_day_month().   o Encoder, Decoder and Codec are now available in the Pike module.    While the programs were always retrievable from the master object,    now they can be inherited in codecs that wish to extend the master    codecs. - o The XMLRPC module can now serialize Calender objects. Only 200 + o XMLRPC: +  - The XMLRPC module can now serialize Calender objects. Only 200    responses will be attempted to be decoded. Fixed a bug in handling    of string values. -  +  - Fixed bug in decode of structs with no members. + o Fixed handling of file length argument in nb_sendfile, bug 6118. + o Locale.Charset: Fixed NULL-dereferencing in the decoder for EUC-CN +  and EUC-KR. + o Web.Crawler: Support for URLs containing Unicode characters. Fixes +  bug 5958. + o Survive crypt(3C) failing. Fixes bug 6013. + o Fixed typo that could cause fatal when comparing objects with +  equal(). + o Fixed bugs in the formatting of mpz's as floats. In particular, +  this fixes a buffer overrun if the precision exceeds the number +  of digits. + o Fixed special cases when dividing the empty array with a number. + o Fixed stack overrun bug in Nettle.CBC and Nettle.Proxy, aka Crypto.CBC +  and Crypto.Buffer. + o Fixed bug with extra zero element at the end in the arrays returned by +  Thread.Queue.read_array. + o Protect against segfault if the Regexp matcher runs out of C stack. + o Fixed bug in random() for sizes larger than 31 bits, but smaller than +  the bignum threshold. + o Split up the data to write in Stdio.sendfile, which can give a big +  performance boost when sending very large strings. + o SSL: Disabled renegotiation, to address the ssl/tls renegotiate MITM +  attack, see http://web.nvd.nist.gov/view/vuln/detail?vulnId=CVE-2009-3555. + o Added Protocols.HTTP.do_async_method() from Pike 7.8. + o SSL: Fixed bug with early calls to the write callback before the handshake was +  finished. This bug is known to cause Protocols.HTTP.Query to hang +  indefinitely in asynchronous mode for https. Likely to fix bug 4859. + o Backported sort_fun and ignore_errors for Filesystem.Traversion from 7.8. + o Fixed bug when seeking backwards in Gz.File. + o append_path is now a wrapper function for append_path_unix or append_path_nt +  (more efficient). + o Calendar: Fixed stepping of days by months or years to work in a more +  useful way. Previously e.g. Calendar.ISO.Day(2000,1,31)+Calendar.ISO.Month() +  would return March 2nd since there aren't 31 days in February and the Calendar +  module would instead step 30 days forward from February 1st.      Image related changes in Pike:    -  + o Fixed a JPEG underflow error, bug 6413.   o Fixed infinite loop that could occur when feeding Image.XBM with    malformed data.   o Added option "file" to Image.PS.decode().   o Image.PS.decode() now reads nonblocking from the pipes.   o Added use of custom backend in Image.PS.   o Fixed bug in a special case of GIF color decoding (bug 3536). -  + o Image.PNG: Backported fix for bug 5138 from Pike 7.8.      Database related changes in Pike:      o Added censoring of passwords in database connection arguments    so that they don't get printed by describe_backtrace.   o In the Sql module, do not show the total row count after a    big_query, if unavilable.   o Don't crash when not sending ssl options to Mysql.   o Fix for case where ODBC tried to write error messages with wide    strings in them.
pike.git/CHANGES:53:       * "broken-unicode" as charset to create() or set_charset().       * set_unicode_decode_mode (-1).       Note that all this only applies when compiling with a mysql client    lib older than 4.1.0. Otherwise these methods are aliases to    enabling the normal unicode decode support. This means that no code    using broken-unicode should rely on the BINARY flag on text fields    to avoid utf-8 decoding. + o Mysql: fetch_json_result() now quotes \u2028 and \u2029. Fixes bug +  6103. + o ODBC fixes backported from Pike 7.8, fixes bug 5595. + o Mysql: Fixed reinitialization of the charset after reconnect.      Mostly platform specific changes in Pike:      o win32: Fixed bug in RegGetValue{,s}() for fields of type *_SZ of length 0.   o Darwin: Close the kqueue fd when a backend goes away. Should solve all    kinds of "no more file descriptor" and "couldn't create backend wakeup    pipe" problems on Darwin. -  + o Fix Stdio.sendfile() on Darwin. + o System.getgrent: The group member list can be NULL on MacOS X, fixes +  bug 6187. + o Limit Darwin fd count to OPEN_MAX, fixes bug 5751. + o Avoid segfault in combine_path_nt on windows when the first char of an +  appended path is wide.      Build fixes:      o Mird: Renamed FDATASYNC() to MIRD_FDATASYNC() to avoid clash with    NetBSD header-files.   o The precompiler doesn't generate broken string width check code.   o Fixed some problems with configure tests using rusage and threads.   o Added /opt/csw/lib to list of library directories to check.   o If compiler is GCC, also add all library directories listed by    gcc -print-search-dirs.   o Normalize library directory pathnames before adding them. -  + o Better support for autoconf 2.6x.    -  +    Other:      o Bugfixed GUID generation in installer.         Changes since Pike 7.6.86   ----------------------------------------------------------------------      Changes in Pike: