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pike.git/CHANGES:104:   o Calendar.parse() no longer fails to generate times after 23:00 on    dates lacking an hour due to a DST shift.   o map() could previously have been misoptimised when run on functions    with external dependencies.   o configure no longer lies about Java being enabled when it is not under    Microsoft Windows.   o Fixes to compile with --without-bignums. Not recommended, but it should    work again now.   o Fixes to make the Mysql module load under Microsoft Windows even when    compiled as a dynamically loadable module. - o [Image/blit.c] "Backported fix for nesting bug from Pike 7.5." / -  "Fixed bad nesting of THREADS_ALLOW()/THREADS_DISALLOW() in -  img_box_nocheck()." + o Fixed a threading bug in Image.Image()->box().   o [pike_threadlib.h] "Backported some SWAP_OUT_THREAD() paranoia"   o "More thread-related fixes."    http://pike.ida.liu.se/development/cvs/pike.xml?v=7.4&build=217&between=2003-03-31%2017:39:42&and=2003-03-31%2019:34:43      Changes since Pike 7.2.30:   ----------------------------------------------------------------------      New/improved functionality:   ---------------------------