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pike.git/CHANGES:382:    In many ways these values should be considered constant, but it is    possible for a program to replace them with extended versions,    provided they don't break the behavior of the base classes defined    here. Since there is no good mechanism to handle such extending in    several steps, pike libraries should preferably ensure that the    base classes defined here provide required functionality directly.         Extensions and new functions   ---------------------------- + o Bz2.File added +  It implements a Stdio.File like API, including support for the same +  iterator API that Stdio.File has, allowing for convenient line +  iterations over BZ2 compressed files. +  | foreach( Bz2.File("log.bz2")->line_iterator(); int n; string line )    - o Bz2.File + o Image.JPEG.decode +  Now supports basic CMYK/YCCK support    -  Bz2.File now supports the same iterator API as Stdio.File, allowing -  for convenient line iterations over BZ2 compressed files. + o Image.JPEG.exif_decode +  Will rotate the image according to exif information    -  foreach( Bz2.File("log.bz2")->line_iterator(); int n; string line ) -  -  +    o String.Buffer -  +     String.Buffer can now add the storage from a different String.Buffer    object with the add() method.       It is possible to add sprintf-formatted data to a String.Buffer    object by claling the sprintf() method. This function works just as    the normal sprintf(), but writes to the buffer instead.       The new method addat() allows for writing into the buffer at any    position.      o SDL.Music added to SDL. -  +     Allows the playback of audio/music files.    Requires the SDL_mixed library.      o System.TM -  +     Low-level wrapper for struct tm.       This can be used to do (very) simple calendar operations. It is,    as it stands, not 100% correct unless the local time is set to    GMT, and does mirror functionality already available in gmtime()    and localtime() and friends, but in a (perhaps) easier to use API.      o decode_value now throws the error object Error.DecodeError. -  +     Useful to catch format errors in the decode string.      o Process.daemon -  +     The daemon() function is for programs wishing to detach themselves    from the controlling terminal and run in the background as system    daemons.      o Debug.pp_object_usage() -  +     Pretty-print debug information, useful to get debug information    about object counts and memory usage in pike applications.       Uses the new _object_size lfun, if present in objects, to account    for RAM-usage in C-objects that allocate their own memory.    - o Mysql - Support more modern client libraries (incl. MariaDB) + o Mysql +  + Added support more modern client libraries (incl. MariaDB) +  + The errors thrown are now objects that will allow easy access to +  more information about the error.    - o pike -x benchmark output format changed -  Also added support for JSON output. -  There has also been attempts to get the timing more predicable. -  Added options to allow comparison with a previous run -  +    o Protocols.DNS    + Prevent endless loops in maliciously crafted domain names.    + Add QTYPE T_ANY to DNS enum EntryType in DNS.pmod.    + Handle truncated labels    + TCP client and server support      o Thread no longer inherits Thread.Thread (aka thread_create)      o Thread.Farm now might work      o Cmod precompiler.    + inherit "identifier"    -- inherit the program returned by calling master()->resolve() on    the specified identifier. Useful to inherit code written in pike.    - o Image.JPEG.exif_decode -  +    o String.levenshtein_distance()    That function calculates the Levenshtein distance between two    strings. The Levenshtein distance describes the minimum number of    edit operations insert, delete or substitue a character to get    from one string to the other.       The algorithm can be used in approximate string matching to find    matches for a short string in many longer texts, when a small    number of differences is expected.   
pike.git/CHANGES:498:    filedescriptor over another filedescriptor. The functions are    only available on some systems, and they generally only work    when the file the descriptors are sent over is a unix domain    socket or a pipe.    + Changed internally to remove one level of indirection.    The Stdio.File object no longer has a _Stdio.Fd_ref in _fd. They    are instead directly inheriting _Stdio.FD.       _fd is still available for compatibility, but internally it is gone.    - o Unicode databases updated to 6.2.0 - o Timezone databases updated to tzdata2013d + o Unicode databases updated to 6.2.0 from 5.1.0      o The Search search engine module has seen several fixes    + Added support for padded blobs. This improves performance when    incrementally growing blobs. This feature is only enabled if    Search.Process.Compactor says this is OK, see the documentation    for more information.       + Several locking optimizations, specifically, avoid locking and    unlocking for every single iteration when merging and syncing    blobs.       + Charset conversion fixes       + Fixes for queries where the same world occur multiple times    ('foo and bar and foo')    - o Standalone tools added: -  + pv -  Pike image viewer (diet). This can be used to quickly view one -  or more images. It requires GTK1 or GTK2 support. -  | pike -x pv image.foo + o pike -x benchmark +  + Output format changed +  + Also added support for JSON output. +  + The results should be more consistent. +  + Added options to allow comparison with a previous run. +  + o New standalone tools added to make it possible to build +  documentation without the pike build tree    + autodoc_to_html    AutoDoc XML to HTML converter.    + autodoc_to_split_html    AutoDoc XML to splitted HTML converter.    + git_export_autodoc    Exports a stream of autodoc.xml suitable for git-fast-import.    Used on pike-librarian.    - o Lots of GTK2 fixes - o Image.JPEG.decode now has basic CMYK/YCCK support + o Readline tries to set the charset to the terminal charset +  This makes it possible to write non-7bit characters on a terminal +  if the terminal supports it. +    o Fixed units in pike --help=kladdkaka - o Various coverity fixes +     -  + o Several changes has been done to the GTK2 module +  + GTK2.DrawingArea no longer crash in draw_text if you pass odd parameters. +  + draw_pixbuf can now be passed width and height -1, which makes it +  take the size from the passed image. +  + GDKEvent no longer crash when you extract strings from them +  + accelerators now work +  + Fixed RadioToolButton +  + signal_connect can now connect a signal in front of the list +  + Several fixes to Tree related objects +  + GTK2.SourceView added +  + GTK2.Spinner added +  + o A few issues were fixed that were found by coverity +  + Fixed memory leak in Math.Transform +  + Fixed two compares that were written as assignments (errno +  checks for EINTR for sockets) +  +    o SNI client extension support for SSL (Server Name Indicator)   o System.get_home + System.get_user    (mostly) Cross-platform ways to get username and home directory   o System.AllocConsole, System.FreeConsole and System.AttachConsole for NT   o Process - forkd   o generic ipv6 fixes, ipv6 mapped ipv4 addresses   o Async Protocols.SNMP client   o MacOSX CoreFoundation support in the backend   o lots of autodoc fixes   o Some Parser.SGML fixes - o Readline tries to set the charset to the terminal charset +    o Fixes to Process.run, Process.spawn_pike and friends.   o predef::types (seems somewhat broken, or is it intended at types(({1,2,3})) returns ({ mixed,mixed,mixed})?)      o Builtin._get_setter    This function returns a setter for a variable in an object.    The setter, when called, will set the variable value to the passed    argument.      o Parser.XML.Tree fixes    + Several namespace improvement and handling fixes
pike.git/CHANGES:578:      Crypto and SSL   --------------      o Standards.PEM    + Added some support for encrypted PEM files      o Nettle refactored      o AES support added to the SSL module -  +     This adds support for the following cipher suites:    TLS_rsa_with_aes_128_cbc_sha    TLS_dhe_dss_with_aes_128_cbc_sha    TLS_dhe_rsa_with_aes_128_cbc_sha    TLS_rsa_with_aes_256_cbc_sha    TLS_dhe_dss_with_aes_256_cbc_sha    TLS_dhe_rsa_with_aes_256_cbc_sha      o SSL now supports TLS 1.0 (SSL 3.1) and TLS 1.1   
pike.git/CHANGES:628:   o clang compilation fixes (bignum overflow checks, misc)    It is now possible to compile pike using a modern clang compiler.      o Removed bundles    Pike no longer comes with copies of some libraries, and the support    for that in the makefile has been removed.      o Several OS/2 and windows compilation fixes       + - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - + - > snip - > snip - > snip - > snip - > snip - > snip - > snip - > snip - > s + - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - +  +    Changes since Pike 7.8.352 (third 7.8 release):   ----------------------------------------------------------------------      Extensions and New Functions   ----------------------------      o Added module Search.    FIXME: Needs a couple of paragraphs of description.      o has_prefix now works on objects.