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pike.git/CHANGES:614:    Use the documentation in the refdoc directory instead.      o .build_lobotomize_crypto removed    Use the Makefile target lobotomize_crypto to lobotomize Pike.    Should preferably be executed in an unused tree straight from CVS.         Compatibility changes without backward compatibility:   -----------------------------------------------------    - The following changes were considered bugs and have no backwards + The following changes were considered bugfixes and have no backwards   compatibility layer.      o enum and typedef have implicit local binding    enums and typedefs now always have static binding. In 7.2 they    could sometimes be dynamically bound.      o Image.Layer modes modified    Alpha channel handling for modes add, subtract, multiply, divide,    modulo, invsubtract, invdivide, invmodulo, difference, max, min,    bitwise_and, bitwise_or, bitwise_xor, screen and overlay modified so