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pike.git/CHANGES:20:    - Updated tzdata to 2018e.      o Compiler       - The machine code generator for ppc64 now generates correct code    under ABI v2 (ppc64le)       - Fixed an incompatibility between the machine code generator on    ppc and GCC 7.    + o Fuse +  +  - Switched the Fuse module to use a different libfuse API. +  +  The way we used to use libfuse got first deprecated and support +  for it is now removed from the libfuse git repository entirely. +  In addition, our previous use of said libfuse API triggered a +  bug resulting in a segmentation fault in at least libfuse 2.9.2 +  and 2.9.7. We now use libfuse in a less elegant but more usual +  way, and do not trigger the bug anymore. +    o Gmp.mpq       Fix numbers between -1.0 and 1.0 sometimes missing a leading 0.      o Pike.identify_cycle       Fix various issues with LFUNs throwing errors.       LFUNs used by mapping operations may throw errors; this caused    identify_loop_visit_leave() to also throw errors. The rest of