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pike.git/CHANGES:15:    - Add a convenience variant to zip().       - depend() can be used to collect multiple dependencies before finalising    the Promise.      o Debug.find_all_clones()       New convenience function to find all objects that are clones    of a program.    + o MIME +  +  Added a setter for the message boundary prefix. +    o Sql.pgsql       - Added support for PostgreSQL 10's stronger password authentication    (SCRAM-SHA-256).       - Slightly reduced overhead.       - Support IEEE binary float database-wireformat.       - Support NUMERIC database-wireformat.
pike.git/CHANGES:60:       - Added new low-level fd handling functions.       This should fix several potential race-conditions in the    I/O layer on NT.      o Stdio.Terminfo       Support the new terminfo format from ncurses 6.    + o Thread.Farm +  +  Added Thread.Farm()->set_thread_name_cb() to help applications +  that monitor thread creation and termination for the purpose +  of tracking thread names. +    o Thread.ResourceCount       New module to allow threadsafe race-condition-free counting of resources.      o Tools.Standalone.check_http       - Allow redirect responses.       - Support --expect option.   
pike.git/CHANGES:88:      o Compiler       - Improved variant robustness.       - Fixed type leak for getters/setters implemented with    variant functions.      o Calendar    -  - Updated tzdata to 2018c. +  - Updated tzdata to 2018d.       - Calendar.TimeRanges.NullTimeRange now has a working __hash().    The expression ([ Calendar.TimeRanges.nulltimerange : 17 ])    no longer gives a backtrace.      o Concurrent       - Less filling, deadlock-free, faster, available without running backend.       - Handle an empty argument array properly in results().
pike.git/CHANGES:180:   o MIME       Support trailing newline in MIME part epilogues.      o Protocols.HTTP.Query       - Fixed incoming chunked transfers (timed async works now, chunk    options are properly 'parsed'). Trailer headers are now correctly    parsed.    +  - Improved handling of multiple headers of the same kind. +     - Fixed a bug where base64 encoded HTTP basic auth tokens were encoded in a    pretty-printed format including line breaks, which lead to malformed HTTP    requests on long username and password combinations.    - o Protocols.HTTP.Server.HeaderParser +  - Do not wait for SSL.File()->close() to complete when called +  from the destruct() callback.    -  The header parser exception mode now doesn't immediately throw an + o Protocols.HTTP.Server +  +  - The header parser exception mode now doesn't immediately throw an    exception.    -  +  - Attempt to ensure that data is sent before terminating an +  HTTPS connection. +    o Protocols.LDAP       Fixed race condition on initializing LDAPS.      o Search.Database.MySQL       Fixed issue where blobs didn't get updated after the initial blobs    got full.      o Search.Utils
pike.git/CHANGES:290:      o Unicode       Avoid scanning the string in NFC mode if the string is 8-bit,    as NFC normalization of 8-bit strings is the identity function.         Building & Tools   ----------------    + o Hilfe +  +  Fix commands having priority over code. [LysLysKOM 22552693]. +    o Image.SVG       Fall back to using the unprefixed pkg-config if the arch-prefixed    doesn't exist.      o Mysql       Support MariaDB 10.2 headerfiles.    -  + o export +  +  - Fixed fix_configure. +  +  This was broken in multiple ways: +  +  * Did not consider timestamp on aclocal.m4 +  * Did not consider post_modules +  * Did not check configure scripts directly under modules or post_modules +  * When fixing modules, it looked for the configure scripts in the build +  directory rather than the source directory +  * Did not use the run_autoconfig wrapper +  +  This has caused xenofarm to export snapshots with out of date +  configure scripts. +    o precompile       Support precompilation with Pike 8.1 again.    -  + o run_autoconfig +  +  Fix localdir when relative and not "./" +    o smartlink       Fixed multiple issues on Darwin & NetBSD.      o Whitefish       Use the standard VPATH.      o Yp