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pike.git/CHANGES:501:    events.       - The texture, list and light id generators will now be created    after we are sure that GL has been initialized, to prevent crashes    on several systems.       - BaseTexture and BaseDWIM now supports clamped textures.      o Gmp    -  Many small changes to fixed Gmp build issues on different platforms. +  Many small changes to fix Gmp build issues on different platforms.    The most visible being that the Gmp module now is statically linked    to work around Mac OS X 10.5 linker issues.      o Gz       - Added compress() and uncompress() functions as an simpler and more    efficient but non-streaming interface.       - Support for RLE And FIXED compression method, if supported by    zlib. Give Gz.RLE or Gz.FIXED to the strategy argument of
pike.git/CHANGES:584:       - The method signature fuzzy-matcher now only considers Pike strings    to match formal parameters of type String, Object, Comparable,    CharSequence or java.io.Serializable.       - When the fuzzy-matcher can not decide on a single method    signature, all candidates are now listed in the error message.      o Locale.Charset    -  FIXME: Rewrite -  Remapped and documented the use of the private character space. -  ISO-IR non-spacers are now converted into combiners. -  Added some support for pluggable character sets. -  Added GB18030/GBK +  - The character name normalizer now recognizes Unicode prefixes, +  e.g. "unicode-1-1-utf-7", though the Unicode version itself is +  ignored. +  +  - Added support for the following character sets +  +  GB18030/GBK (CP936)    UTF-EBCDIC -  unicode prefix, e.g. unicode-1-1-utf-7 -  CP949 -  GBK (cp936) +     DIN-31624 (ISO-IR-38)    ISO-5426:1980 (ISO-IR-53)    ISO-6438:1996 (ISO-IR-39, ISO-IR-216)    ISO-6937:2001 (ISO-IR-156) -  +  GSM 03.38 +  Mysql Latin 1    -  Added typed encode and decode error objects -  (Locale.Charset.EncodeError and Locale.Charset.DecodeError) to make +  - Added typed encode and decode error objects, +  Locale.Charset.EncodeError and Locale.Charset.DecodeError, to make    it possible to catch such errors in a better way.    -  +  - ISO-IR non-spacers are now converted into combiners. +    o Math       - Matrix multiplication was bugged and gave B*A instead of A*B,    which is now fixed.       - Matrix objects now have xsize() and ysize() methods to query their    dimensions.       - To ease your logarithmic needs log2() and logn() have been added.