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pike.git/CHANGES:6:   here. For a complete list of changes, please consult the CVS changelog   either directly or through Code Librarian.         New / improved language functionality   -------------------------------------      o New syntax to index from the end in range operations.       A "<" can be added before an index in the [..] operator to count -  from the end instead. This is convenient to e.g. chop off the last -  element in an array: a[..<1]. +  from the end instead, beginning with 0 for the last element. This is +  convenient to e.g. chop off the last element in an array: a[..<1].      o New `[..] operator function.       Range operations have been separated from the `[] operator function    and are now handled by the new `[..] which provides greater control    for how the range bounds are specified. For compatibility, if there    is no `[..] then `[] is still called for range operations.       The `[..] callback will get four arguments, start value, start type,    end value and end type. The type arguments is any of
pike.git/CHANGES:245:    > typeof(werror);    (1) Result: scope(0,function(string : int) |    function(__attribute__("sprintf_format", string),    __attribute__("sprintf_args", mixed) ... : int) |    function(array(string), mixed ... : int))      o __func__       The symbol __func__ now evaluates to the name of the current    function. Note that this name currently can differ from the -  declared name in case of local functions (ie lambdas). Note +  declared name in case of local functions (i.e. lambdas). Note    also that __func__ behaves like a literal string, so implicit    string concatenation is supported. eg:       error("Error in " __func__ ".\n");      o __DIR__       __DIR__ is a new preprocessor symbol that resolves to the directory    that the current file is placed in. Similar to how __FILE__ points    out the file the code is placed in.
pike.git/CHANGES:1343:       %c: char * Only narrow (8 bit) strings without NUL.    This is identical to %s.       %C: char * or NULL Only narrow (8 bit) strings without NUL, or 0         Building and installing   -----------------------    + o Dynamic modules now become DLLs on Windows. +  +  This means the homegrown module loader is no longer used, but it +  also means some DLL limitations: +  +  - PMOD_EXPORT is now required to allow access to an identifier in +  the pike core. +  +  - DLLs have to be recompiled too if pike.exe is recompiled. +  +  The primary motivation for this change is to work with the new +  library tracking (so-called "side-by-side assemblies") in Visual C++ +  2005 and later. +    o Added ABI selection.       It's now possible to select whether to compile in 32bit or 64bit    mode at configure time by using the --with-abi option.      o MinGW builds.       It's now possible to build Pike in MinGW on windows computers from    source distributions.   
pike.git/CHANGES:1405:      -------------------- NOTES------------      2004/04/26 00:13:30         ----      -x test_pike    - DLL for Windows? -  +    libpike.so      valgrind_hilfe and valgrind_just_verify    - New malloc on Windows. + New malloc on Windows. (Optimization, hence should not be mentioned + according to the first paragraph in this file. /mast)      FIXME: Multiple INVALID above: Return correct UNDEFINED instead of 0   values for NULL values in result sets. (Yes, it's dubious that it   really is correct since a zero (of any kind) means NULL according to   the Sql api, even though there are some db drivers that unfortunately   behave differently. /mast)