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pike.git/CHANGES:73:    other hosts. To avoid missing such changes these monitors    need to be actively scanned too.      o Sql.pgsql       Sped up BEGIN/COMMIT statements.    Preserve the initial error message in case of multiple error messages    during the same transaction.    Flush out unseen error messages upon connection close to stderr.    + o Debug.Peek +  +  Allows for interactive debugging and live data structure inspection +  in both single- and multi-threaded programs. +  +  Example: +  In the program you'd like to inspect, insert the following one-liner: +  Debug.Peek("/tmp/test.pike"); +  +  Then start the program and keep it running. +  Next you create a /tmp/test.pike with the following content: +  void create() { +  werror("Only once per modification of test.pike\n"); +  } +  +  int main() { +  werror("This will run every iteration\n"); +  werror("By returning 1 here, we disable the stacktrace dumps\n"); +  return 0; +  } +  +  void destroy() { +  werror("destroy() runs just as often as create()\n"); +  } +  +  Whenever you edit /tmp/test.pike, it will automatically reload +  the file. +    Bug fixes   ---------      o Search       Fixed a race condition when updating the database.      o Parser.HTML       Fixed a condition where Pike would run out of stack space for large