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pike.git/CHANGES:110:    All code in Pike that uses random now uses the current random    functions (though in some cases fixed at object creation). This    allows for repeatable results if the random functions are replaced    with a deterministic random generator, such as    Random.Deterministic. Example:       Random.Deterministic rnd = Random.Deterministic( seed );    add_constant( "random_string", rnd->random_string );    add_constant( "random", rnd->random );    + o JOSE (JSON Object Signing and Encryption)    -  +  Some low-level API support has been added to the Crypto and Web +  modules to support parts of RFC 7515 - 7520. +  +    Incompatible changes   --------------------    - o Gz.crc32 now only returns positive results. + o Gz.crc32 and Nettle.crc32c now only return positive results.      o glob() has changed.       The main incompatibilities are that [ and \ are now special    characters in the pattern, and if you check the return value against    1 instead of checking if it's true, and use an array as the first    argument you will have to change your code.       This is in order to extend the glob function to cover what    'standard' glob functions do:
pike.git/CHANGES:173:      o Concurrent.Future and Concurrent.Promise       These are used to simplify handling of asynchronous results.      o Crypto.Checksum       This module collect non-cryptographic checksums. Support for crc32,    adler32 and Castagnoli CRC (CRC32C).    +  NB: In the future these may be amended to support the Crypto.Hash API. +    o Protocols.HTTP2   o Bittorrent.DHT   o MsgPack         New features   ------------      o Gmp.mpf is now implemented using gmpf if the library is available.