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pike.git/CHANGES:192:    The compiler now checks that all local variables are used.      o Unicode       Case information and the Unicode module are updated to Unicode    5.1.0.      o protected       The modifier protected is now an alias for the modifier static. +  NOTE: In next release static will be deprecated.      o Pike_fp->context       Pike_fp->context is now a pointer to the current struct inherit    rather than a copy of it. This allows for easier access to    inherited symbols in C-code.       NOTE!    NOTE! C-API incompatibility!    NOTE!
pike.git/CHANGES:1066:   Protocols.LDAP module.pmod   -x test_pike      New src:   embed/libpike   tmodule   Protocols.DNS_SD         src: - CommonLog: fixed sign bug +    files: FIXME - Gettext: lots of build fixes +    gmp: FIXME   java: FIXME   mysql: FIXME         Machine code backend for PPC64      Objectiv-C embedding framwork      DLL for Windows?
pike.git/CHANGES:1090:   MinGW build possible.      libpike.so      Wix      valgrind_hilfe and valgrind_just_verify      New malloc on Windows.    - supports calling of aliases. -  +    poll/epoll      getenv() and putenv() are now accessing and modifying the real   environment.      undefinedp() and destructedp() have been added as more readable   alternatives to zero_type().      exit w/ werror    - T_SCOPE nodes + Iterator->next() no longer optional. +  + sscanf %O %H %[^-X] (!= %[^X-]) %[X-X] +  + env argument to main() +  + c-api: Added %c and %C to get_all_args to get char * with/without + NULL. (%c is an alias for %s but %C is new.) +  + extern variables. +  + 7.4::blaha +  + now supports micin for static symbols. +  + Inherit::this and Inherit::this_program now works. +