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pike.git/CHANGES:1: + Changes since Pike 7.6.6 + ---------------------------------------------------------------------- +  + Changes in Pike code: +  + o Fixed a cyclic resolver problem when running Pike with -V7.4 + o Fixed #if constant so it doesn't rethrow a compilation error when +  #if constant failes to to compilation error. + o Better sslfile backward compatibility. + o Fix to prevent Regexp from throwing an error when PCRE isn't +  installed. + o Fixed pop() in ADT.Priority_queue. + o Fixes in Calendar.dwim_day for better accuracy. + o Major fixes and extensions of Parser.XML.Tree. + o Protocols.LMTP now displays correct error information. + o Content-type can now be set manually in Protocols.HTTP.Session. + o Protocols.LDAP now support paged searches. Fixed bugs related to +  dequoting and escaping values in filters. + o Fixed memory leak in Protocols.LysKOM. + o Fixed argument order in Remote.Client->provide. + o Fixed setting DES and DES3 keys. + o SSL now falls back to TLS 1.0 when accessed with SSL 3.2 (TLS 1.1). + o Fixed bug in decoding SSL2 hello messaged that caused incorrect +  padding of client challenges longer than 16 bytes. This caused some +  clients, typically based on OpenSSL, to fail to connect. + o Fixed an SSL bug that caused the session cache from working. + o Fixed an SSL bug where calls to the read callback could get lost +  when frequent switches between callback and non-callback mode +  occurs. + o Added EXIF kludge to handle broken FUJIFILM MakerNote. + o Fixed close in Stdio.FakeFile. + o Fixed Stdio.exist. + o Ensure that errno() is relevant if recurse_rm returns with an error. + o Fixed a type parser bug in Hilfe. + o rdf:ID and rdf:about now takes xml:base into account in Web.RDF. +  + Changes in C code: +  + o Fixed bug in profiling support. + o Backend and UDP fixes for poll and AIX. + o Fixed bug in f_exit when called with multiple arguments. + o Fix for segmentation fault in random_string with negative argument. + o Added mprotect workaround. + o Avoid default usage of machine code on OpenBSD. + o Improved handling out-of-stack errors. + o find_external_context() now supports objects being destructed. + o Fixed copy_mapping_recursively(). + o Fixed indices() and values() on objects to hide hidden items. + o rusage fix for system without 64 bit integer support. + o Fixes in create_process(). + o Fixed memory leak when createing tuned boxed images. + o MMX no longer used for `* and `+ image object operators because of +  precision problems. + o New module: Kerberos + o Mysql module support Mysql 4.1.3. + o Bugfix in dbdate_cast() in the Oracle module. + o Several bugfixes in Shuffler. + o Added Stdio.Port()->bind_unix(). +  + Other chages: +  + o Several fixes in the Pike package generation to make them work with +  GNU tar 1.14. + o Preliminary support for local variable extraction in unbug. +  +    Changes since Pike 7.4:   ----------------------------------------------------------------------      New/improved functionality:   ---------------------------      o fewer magical hacks    Several Pike modules have been cleaned up from old hacks and    workarounds for problems which now have proper solutions. This    should reduce size, and improve performance, dumpability and