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pike.git/CHANGES:1:   Changes since Pike 7.2:   ----------------------------------------------------------------------      New/improved functionality:   ---------------------------      o New Hilfe +  The interactive pike environment you get when running pike without +  giving a program name, has been thoroughly rewritten. Most notably +  it now supports more of the common pike constructs, and is more +  extendable and configurable. Start it and type help for more info.      o pike -x -  rsif -  pv +  When starting pike with the -x parameter, the pike process will +  run the named script in Tools.Standalone, giving the rest of the +  arguments as command-line switches. This is a convenient way of +  running rsif (replace string in file) and pv (the image viewer +  you may be familiar with from Tools.PV).      o unbug      o Unicode 3.2.0    All charts has been updated to Unicode 3.2.0. This applies both to    the Unicode module as well as Pike-global functionality such as    upper_case/lower_case. unicode_to_string() also has support for    surrogate and byteorder make handling.      o Extended random()    random() now works on float, array, multiset and mapping (and    int/object).      o delay()/sleep()    sleep() no longer busywaits.    - o search(string, int)/has_value(string, int) + o search(string, int) / has_value(string, int) +  Both of these methods now handle both looking for strings and +  integers; search("hi, ho!", ',') or has_value("Nope.", ' '), for +  instance.      Language additions:   -------------------      o foreach(X; Y; Z)    The foreach statement has been extended to allow iterations over    mappings, multisets and any object that implements the iterator    interface (see below). To make it possible to use this    conveniently, a new syntax has been added to get both the index    and the value in each iteration:
pike.git/CHANGES:158:   o HTTP.Server      o Protocols.X.KeySyms      o Standards.CIFF      o Standards.FIPS10_4      o Standards.ID3    ID3 tags decoder/encoder. Supports versions: 1.0, 1.1, -  2.2-2.4. Frequently used in MP3 files. +  2.2-2.4. Frequently used in MP3 files for encapsulating metadata.      o Standards.RDF      o System.Time   o System.Timer      o Stdio.FakeFile      o Stdio.GZipFile   
pike.git/CHANGES:185:      o Image.Dims    Can extract the dimensions of an image with a minimal amount of    data loading. Currently handles JPEG, GIF and PNG images.      o Image.Fonts    High level API for font handling. Should be used instead of    accessing the Freetype, TTF and *FIXME* modules directly.      o Image.DWG -  AutoCAD thumbnail images. +  Decodes AutoCAD thumbnail images.      o Gmp.mpq and Gmp.mpf    Multi precision fractions.      o String.SplitIterator      o Stdio.File.line_iterator      o String.Replace, String.SingleReplace