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pike.git/CHANGES:61:   o sort() is portable    Sort is now locale and platform independent. In other words,    strings are now compared only according to the unicode value of    every character.      o sort() is stable    Unlike previous releases, sort() will keep the original order    of elements that are equal. At first, we considered keeping the old    sort function in parallel with the new one, as a "faster but    unstable" alternative, but it turned out that there was no noticable -  different in speed between the new and the old function. +  difference in speed between the new and the old function.      o trace() can trace all threads    The configure option --without-thread-trace has been removed, but    instead the trace() function has been extended to make it possible    to set the trace level in all threads simultaneously.    -  + o the debug trace system is more configurable +  In addition to the trace levels set by the trace function or by +  the command line argument -t, trace can now be turned on and off +  for the individual subsystems. All trace levels have also been +  increased by one to make room for gc only messages at level 1. +    o unbug    The Pike debugger unbug has been significtly optimized.      o Unicode    Pike 7.6 uses the Unicode 4.0.1 tables for case info and    normalization.      o upper_case() and lower_case() extended    The built-in functions upper_case and lower_case now also works on    single characters represented as integers.