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pike.git/CHANGES:5:   ------------      o Sql.pgsql       - Added support for PostgreSQL 10's stronger password authentication    (SCRAM-SHA-256).    - Slightly reduced overhead.    - Support IEEE binary float database-wireformat.    - Prevent new queries from starting in the local_backend.    - o Crypto.SCRAM + o Crypto.Hash.SCRAM    -  New module to support SCRAM authentication. +  New class to support SCRAM authentication.      o Thread.ResourceCount       New module to allow threadsafe race-condition-free counting of resources.      o SSL.File       Support query_fd() and set_buffer_mode() methods.    -  + o Toole.Standalone.check_http +  +  - Allow redirect responses. +  +  - Support --expect option. +    o mktime/System.TM       Considerable speedup and a reduction in codesize.      Bug fixes   ---------    -  + o Compiler +  +  Improved variant robustness. +  + o Calendar +  +  Updated tzdata to 2017c. +    o Crypto.CCM       Fixed initialization of the iv.      o Filesystem.Monitor       - Fixed issue with next_poll being set to zero causing polling    every second.       - Fixed indexing the NULL value error when InotifyMonitor was used in
pike.git/CHANGES:50:   o Image.Image       - Improved argument checking in apply_curve().       Non-integer array values lead to use of uninitialized curve values.      o Image.PVR       Fixed size check for twiddled images.    + o MIME +  +  Support trailing newline in MIME part epilogues. +    o Protocols.HTTP       Fixed incoming chunked transfers (timed async works now, chunk    options are properly 'parsed').      o Protocols.LDAP       Fixed race condition on initializing LDAPS.      o Search.Utils
pike.git/CHANGES:90:    - Repair fetch_row_array().      o mktime/System.TM       Make timezone management consistent (especially UTC handling).      o Standards.IIM       Disabled debug output for unknown segment markers.    + o Stdio.send_file +  +  Improved support for TLS/SSL; wait for TLS handshake to complete +  before calling the sendfile done callback when sending an empty +  string. This fixes the issue where the connection got closed +  before TLS handshaking was completed, confusing the other side. +  +    Building & Tools   ----------------      o Image.SVG       Fall back to using the unprefixed pkg-config if the arch-prefixed    doesn't exist.    -  + o Mysql +  +  Support MariaDB 10.2 headerfiles. +    o precompile       Support precompilation with Pike 8.1 again.      o smartlink       Fixed multiple issues on Darwin & NetBSD.      o Whitefish       Use the standard VPATH.    -  + o Yp    -  +  Support using libtirpc. Glibc 2.26 has removed the Sun RPC implementation... +  +    Changes since Pike 8.0.466 (release 10)   ----------------------------------------------------------------------      New Features   ------------      o Crypto.ECC       - Added get_point() to Crypto.ECC.Curve.