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pike.git/CHANGES:1098:    userspace programs to export a virtual filesystem to the Linux    kernel (and some other OS:es). FUSE also aims to provide a secure    method for non privileged users to create and mount their own    filesystem implementations.       This module implements the needed interfaces to make it possible to    write a FUSE filesystem in Pike.      o ADT.List    -  A simple linked list of values. -  FIXME: Example +  A simple doubly linked list of values.    -  +  ADT.List l = ADT.List(1, 2, 3); +  l->insert(-1, 0); +  l->append(4, 5); +  foreach(l; int index; int value) { +  werror(" %d: value: %d\n", index, value); +  } +    o ADT.Trie       FIXME      o ADT.Set       ADT.Set implements a datatype for sets. These sets behave much    like multisets, except that they are restricted to containing only    one instance of each member value.