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pike.git/CHANGES:86:    Pike.identify_cycle() or Pike.count_memory().      o Protocols.HTTP.Server       Fix an issue with accounting of sent bytes that caused responses    to requests over HTTPS to not finish on success, but instead the    whole connection to time out. Data for the first request was    usually fully written, but the connection neither was properly    closed nor re-used.    + o Protocols.WebSocket +  +  - Added low_connect() and low_websocket_accept(). +  +  These make it easier to test the error handling in +  the module, and to replace the HTTP-layer. +  +  - Improved compliance with RFC 6455 section 4.1. +  +  o The nonce is now actually random. +  +  o The http version, method and headers are validated. +  +  o Header case-sensitivity issues have been fixed. +  +  - The module now has a testsuite. +  +  - Improved HTTP-header camel-case consistency. +    o Sass       - Errors thrown by handle_sass_import() can now be caught and    handled by the caller of compile_file() and compile_string().       - Added the option "sass_syntax".       This option will parse the input as having indented Sass    syntax. This option only has effect in compile_string().   
pike.git/CHANGES:109:       - Fix regression bug since rel 12 that hangs queries returning over 1024    records.       - Fix all rare-deadlock-causes logged in the last two years.      o Stdio.Buffer       Eliminate race condition in read_cstring().    + o Stdio.UDP +  +  Fixed wait() failing with ENOTSOCK on NT. +    o Thread.Farm       - Fixed lost error in provide_error() exception handling.       - Avoid delayed deallocation of jobs by clearing references immediately    after execution.      o Tools.Standalone       - extract_autodoc: Terminate on failure.
pike.git/CHANGES:136:   o Java       - The location of libjvm is now detected on Ubuntu 18.04.       - Detect and support OpenJDK 10.      o Postgres       Support Postgresql 10 and later.    + o Sass    -  +  Improved detection of C++ runtime library on MacOS X. +  +    Changes since Pike 8.0.498 (release 11)   ----------------------------------------------------------------------      New Features   ------------      o Crypto.Hash.SCRAM       New class to support SCRAM authentication.