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pike.git/CHANGES:110:       This support is detectable by checking for    String.__HAVE_SPRINTF_NEGATIVE_F__      o Sql.Sql now supports NULL values for %s-parameters.      o Timeout support in win32 threads.      o Made FakeFile() support getchar/gets/unread.    - o Added symlink support to chown and utime. -  FIXME: Review. Symlink support in chown is extremly dangerous if -  done wrong. + o Added option to chown and utime that makes it possible to change the +  symlink instead of the target of the link.      o function_name() now knows how to adjust the names of named lambdas.      o Changed handling of POLLHUP for poll devices, it is now signalled on    all of the callbacks.      o Updated timezone data to tzdata2009c.      o Added some support for the TIMESTAMP and INTERVAL datatypes to    Oracle module.