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pike.git/CHANGES:142:       - Pike.SmallBackend    This is the backend selected among the basic backend implementations,    which is likely to have the best performance when there are very few    files in the backend.       Note that there is also a default backend object:       - Pike.DefaultBackend    This is the Pike.Backend object that is used for file callbacks and -  call_outs if no other backend object has been specified. +  call outs if no other backend object has been specified.      o cpp       The preprocessor now supports macro expansion in the #include and #string    directives.       #include USER_SETTINGS      o Destruct reason passed to lfun::destroy.   
pike.git/CHANGES:757:    what bytecode method is used, the size of native floats and    integers and the native byte order.       - The constants INDEX_FROM_BEG, INDEX_FROM_END and OPEN_BOUND has    been added for use with the `[..] operator API.       - The functions low_check_call(), get_return_type() and    get_first_arg_type() allows for inspection of attributes and    return values of functions.    + o Pike.Backend +  +  Besides the new multiple backend implementations described earlier, +  backends now support two new callbacks: before_callback and +  after_callback are two new variables in the backend objects. They +  can be set to functions that gets called just before and after a +  backend is waiting for events. +    o Process       - The new function spawn_pike() will spawn a Pike process similar to    the current one, using the same binary file, master and module    paths.       - The new function run() is an easy interface that will run a    process and return a mapping with all the outputs and exit code.       - Process.popen is now able to run in nonblocking mode. If a second