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pike.git/CHANGES:41:      o mysqls    The Mysql glue can operate over SSL. Use the "mysqls://" protocol    in the Sql.Sql module to use this secuity feature.      o trace() can trace all threads    The configure option --without-thread-trace has been removed, but    instead the trace() function has been extended to make it possible    to set the trace level in all threads simultaneously.    + o --help +  The Pike --help message has been improved and it is possible to +  retrieve further information about options and environment +  variables. In addition most of the tools and build scripts now +  accepts --help and describes what they do and what options they +  take.    - Build baluns: - ------------- - bundles + o unbug +  The Pike debugger unbug has been significtly optimized.    -  + o Module system. +  Both dynamic and static modules appears as objects and they both +  support having an identifier _module_value, which will then be +  what is presented by the resolver as the module. _module_value can +  be a constant, thus preventing the program from being +  automatically cloned.    -  + o Calendar +  +  The %S format is added to Calendar.parse() to parse seconds since +  the Epoch. The TimeRange class is extended with a format method +  format_commonlog(), a tzname_utc_offset (+HHMM) and +  tzname_location(), which, when available, returns zone names like +  "Europe/Stockholm". The database has been updated with Swedish +  pre-1901 namedays and Finnish namedays. +  + Master: + ------- +  + o The new option --dumpversion prints out the Pike version in a more +  easily pared way than --version. +  + o The master now supplies argv to the started application, so it can +  use the create method for execution. Some people find it a more +  elegant solution than having a main function. +  + o The -e Pike environment has been improved with a lot of convenience +  wrappings. When compiling code with pike -e the macro NOT(X) will +  expand to !(X) and CHAR(X) to 'X', making it easier to solve quote +  problems from a shell. If the return from a pike -e statement is a +  positive integer it will be used as pikes exit code. If the return +  value is a string it will be outputed, with a "\n" added, if it +  lacked one. Finally there is a predefined variable env that contains +  the environment variables as a string:string mapping. +  + Building and installing pike: + ----------------------------- + o bundles + o no tpike + o installs documentation (_nodoc) +  +    Language additions:   -------------------      Changes and additions to -x utilities:   --------------------------------------      o rsif    rsif can now work recursively in a file structure if given the    flag -r or --recursive. Example:    pike -x rsif -r 7.4 7.6
pike.git/CHANGES:290:    owlset->owl_Class);    array statement)    write("- %O\n", statement[0]);       return 0;    }         o Parser.RCS    + o Array.any + o Array.all + o Array.partition + o Function.call_callback + o Function.Y + o Function.curry +  + o Thread + date: 2003/04/14 18:59:37; author: mast; state: Exp; lines: +366 -58 + Added try_* varieties of all functions that can block in Thread.Fifo + and Thread.Queue. Added functions to make Thread.Fifo and Thread.Queue + implement the same interface. Let write and try_write return the + number of elements in the fifo/queue. Added fallbacks for Thread.Fifo + and Thread.Queue in nonthreaded mode since it's now possible to use + them in a meaningful way then. +  +    Optimizations:   --------------      o Instantiation and destruction of pike-classes is now significantly faster.      o Handling of bignums has been optimized, especially conversion    to/from normal integers.      o String case conversion is now five times faster than before on    average.
pike.git/CHANGES:317:      o Module ABI changed    The pike_frame struct has a new member, which makes modules compiled    with earlier versions of Pike incompatible.         C level/development changes:   ----------------------------      o The security.h include file is renamed to pike_security.h + o cond_resolv, test_program_eq, test_program_equal, no warnings in testsuite, + o pmod: object(programname), void may be 0, typecheck of vararg/optional, +  inherit, PIKEVAR attributes, prototypes, program flags      Bugs fixed:   -----------         Uncategorized misc changes:   ---------------------------