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pike.git/CHANGES:315:    this point, and SHA1 should no longer be very relevant as web    browsers already force CAs for several years to no longer issue any    SHA1 certs anymore.       Acceptable signature algorithms are however configurable via    SSL.Context now, in case support of older/insecure algorithms is    vehemently required by an application.      o SSL.File    -  Do not close automatically on write error. +  - Do not close automatically on write error.       The internal ssl_write_callback() would call shutdown()    on write error, which would cause the object to enter    one of the closed states, without the user actually    having closed the file.       This in turn caused errors like "Not open" from    functions like read() and set_nonblocking().    -  +  - Fix a situation where setting callbacks before the TLS +  handshake had completed would cause the connection to hang +  if an alert was generated (for instance when the peers are +  unable to agree on a cipher suite.) +    o Standards.JSON       - encode() now allows other threads to run every now and then.       - Fix floating point literals with long-double-precision         o Standards.EXIF       Improved detection of EXIF section in get_properties().