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pike.git/CHANGES:192:      Incompatible changes   --------------------      o Sql.Sql is no longer a wrapper class, but a function.       The wrapper class has been obsoleted by introduction of the    new base class __builtin.Sql.Connection. Note that it is    still possible to use Sql.Sql as the type of connection objects.    + o Stdio.Port now has a default id of itself (as documented). +  +  Previously the default id for Stdio.Port objects was 0. +    o Named classes are always statements.       As mentioned above, it is no longer possible to define a named    class in an expression. Such code has been observed, but none    where the name was actually used. Use an anonymous class instead.      o Anonymous classes are always expressions.       It used to be possible (but typically not useful) to define    an anonymous class as a statement. Add a name for the class.