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pike.git/CHANGES:491:   o Handling of bignums has been optimized, especially conversion    to/from normal integers.      o String case conversion is now five times faster than before on    average.         Compatibility changes:   ----------------------    - o Incompatible changes has been made in ADT.Heap, Array.diff3_old, + o Incompatible changes have been made in ADT.Heap, Array.diff3_old,    Crypto, Locale.Charset, Protocols.SMTP, SSL, Sql.sql,    Standards.ASN1, Standards.PKCS, Stdio.File, Thread.Mutex and    rusage(). Please refer to the 7.4 namespace in the compatibility    section of the documentation for a complete description of these    changes. Using #pike 7.4 or starting Pike with -V7.4 activates the    compatibility layer, which should make it possible to run old code    with newer pikes.         Compatibility changes without backward compatibility: