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pike.git/CHANGES:27:      o Extended random()    random() now works on float, array, multiset and mapping (and    int/object).      o delay()/sleep()    sleep() no longer busywaits.      o search(string, int) / has_value(string, int)    Both of these methods now handle both looking for strings and -  integers (ie single characters). eg search("hi, ho!", ',') or -  has_value("Nope.", ' '). +  integers (the unicode number for a single character). +  Examples: search("hi, ho!", '!'), has_value("Nope.", ' ')      Language additions:   -------------------      o foreach(X; Y; Z)    The foreach statement has been extended to allow iterations over    mappings, multisets and any object that implements the iterator    interface (see below). To make it possible to use this    conveniently, a new syntax has been added to get both the index    and the value in each iteration: