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pike.git/CHANGES:162:      Incompatible changes   --------------------      o Sql.Sql is no longer a wrapper class, but a function.       The wrapper class has been obsoleted by introduction of the    new base class __builtin.Sql.Connection. Note that it is    still possible to use Sql.Sql as the type of connection objects.    + o Named classes are always statements. +  +  As mentioned above, it is no longer possible to define a named +  class in an expression. Such code has been observed, but none +  where the name was actually used. Use an anonymous class instead. +  + o Anonymous classes are always expressions. +  +  It used to be possible (but typically not useful) to define +  an anonymous class as a statement. Add a name for the class. +    o Gz.crc32 and Nettle.crc32c now only return positive results.      o glob() has changed.       The main incompatibilities are that [ and \ are now special    characters in the pattern, and if you check the return value against    1 instead of checking if it's true, and use an array as the first    argument you will have to change your code.       This is in order to extend the glob function to cover what