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pike.git/CHANGES:94:    of currification. This should provide for error messages that    are more easily understood. It also is much better att typechecking    function calls utilizing the splice (@) operator.    The mechanisms used by the typechecker are also made available as    Pike.get_first_arg_type(), Pike.low_check_call() and Pike.get_return_type().      o Added generic attributes for types.       Provides a method to hook into the type checker, so that it is    possible to make custom type checking. -  No syntax yet. -  Added such a type checker for sprintf(). +       o Stricter typing of strings.       The string type may now have an (optional) value range. Example:       string(0..255) bytes;      o Stdio.*       Stdio.cp can now work recursively in a directory tree.
pike.git/CHANGES:211:    also that __func__ behaves like a litteral string, so implicit    string concatenation is supported. eg:       error("Error in " __func__ ".\n");      o limit()       The new toplevel function limit(a, x, b) is a convenience function    that works like min(max(a,x),b).    + o sprintf() and sscanf() +  +  The format string for sprintf() and sscanf() et al is now +  syntax checked at compile-time, and the arguments after it +  are matched against it. +    o ADT.BitBuffer       Added read() method that reads whole bytes from the buffer and    returns as a string.      o ADT.Queue       It is now possible to use sizeof() and value() on a Queue object.      o ADT.Stack