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pike.git/CHANGES:372:    now() was off 5 month per year.       - Time objects now handle * and / with floats. A split() method has    been added for more advanced splitting. FIXME: Example       - A new formatting method format_ext_time_short() has been added to    Time objects.       - Timezones are now read from /etc/localtime, if available.    +  - Cleaned up year-day (yd) handling so that it never goes below 1. +  Instead be careful to use either year (y) or week-year (wy) +  depending on context. +  +  - Fixed inconsistent range handling in year() and years() that made +  them almost but not quite zero-based. Now they are one-based just +  like day()/days(), month()/months() etc. +  +  - Cleaned up conversion between weeks and years: E.g. if a week has +  days in two years then converting it to years will produce a range +  of both years. The attempt to always map a week to a single year +  is gone since it's inconsistent with how other overlapping time +  ranges are handled. If the user wants to convert a week to the +  year it "unambiguously" belongs to, (s)he can do +  Calendar.ISO.Year(week->year_no()). +  +  - Did away with the attempt to map leap days between February 24th +  and 29th before and after year 2000, since doing so break date +  arithmetic. +  +  - The last four changes above are not entirely compatible. +  Compatibility with 7.6 and older is retained with #pike 7.6. +    o CompilerEnvironment & CompilerEnvironment()->PikeCompiler       The Pike compiler has been refactored to be more object-oriented and    more transparent. It is now possible to customize the compiler by    overloading functions in the above two classes. The compiler object    used by Pike internally is available through    DefaultCompilerEnvironment.      o Debug   
pike.git/CHANGES:537:       - Fixed a bug that could occur when casting MIME.Message objects to    strings.      o Msql       Return correct UNDEFINED instead of 0 values for NULL values in resultsets.      o Mysql    -  Unicode support. FIXME: mast Document in more detail. C.f. check-in -  1.25 of lib/modules/Sql.pmod/mysql.pike. +  - Two functions set_charset() and get_charset() have been added to +  set and query the connection charset. The create() function also +  takes a "charset" setting in the options mapping. +  +  - Improved Unicode support. The MySQL driver now supports +  (possibly wide) Unicode queries and text return values, handling +  the connection charset and all encoding/decoding internally. This +  is enabled by setting the charset to "unicode", or through the new +  functions set_unicode_encode_mode() and set_unicode_decode_mode(). +  See their documentation for further details. +     Return correct UNDEFINED instead of 0 values for NULL values in resultsets.      o Odbc       FIXME: Rewrite    Now supports UnixODBC properly.    Fixed various issues with Unicode.    FreeTDS fixes    Return correct UNDEFINED instead of 0 values for NULL values in resultsets.