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pike.git/CHANGES:467:       This can be used in approximate string matching to find matches    for a short string in many longer texts, when a small number of    differences is expected.      o System.sync()    Synchronizes the filesystem on systems where this is possible    (currently windows and unix-like systems).      o System.getloadavg() -  Return the current 1,5 and 15m load average as an array. +  Return the current 1, 5 and 15 minute system load averages as an array.      o glob()    The glob function has been extended to accept an array of globs as    the first (glob pattern) argument.       In this case, if any of the given patterns match the function will    return true, or, if the second argument is also an array, all    entries that match any glob in the first array.      o Stdio.UDP():
pike.git/CHANGES:570:    systems.       This is done by first starting a sub-process that is then used to    create new processes.       If your main process is large, this is significantly faster than    using the normal create_process, and does not risk running out of    memory for the forked (temporary) copy of the main process that is    created.    - o generic ipv6 fixes, ipv6 mapped ipv4 addresses - o Async Protocols.SNMP client +    o MacOSX CoreFoundation support in the backend - o lots of autodoc fixes - o Some Parser.SGML fixes +  This makes it somewhat more likely that native libraries can work +  with pike. +  + o Better IPv6 support. +  This includes detection of IPV6 mapped IPV4 addresses +  (::FFFF:i.p.v.4) and full support for IPv6 in the UDP +  code. +  + o Asynchronous Protocols.SNMP client +    o Fixes to Process.run, Process.spawn_pike and friends. -  +  + Support OS/2 path conventions +  + Fixed multiple issues with search_path()/locate_binary() +  - locate_binary() is now more reliable on Windows +  - Now invalidates the cached path is PATH is changed +  - Uses locate_binary to scan the path +  - spawn_pike() now uses search_path() +  + You can now optionally have System.spawn_pike pass predefines, +  program and include path to the spawned pike, in addition to the +  module path. +  + o lots of autodoc fixes   o predef::types (seems somewhat broken, or is it intended at types(({1,2,3})) returns ({ mixed,mixed,mixed})?)      o Builtin._get_setter    This function returns a setter for a variable in an object.    The setter, when called, will set the variable value to the passed    argument.      o Parser.XML.Tree fixes    + Several namespace improvement and handling fixes