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pike.git/CHANGES:231:    A class can now define a function mixed _m_delete(mixed index) to    make the objects work like mappings with m_delete(). (This feature    has been added to later 7.2 releases too.)      o sprintf("%O", foo) is more descriptive    If foo is a program or an object then Pike will try to find the    resolved name instead of returning just "program" or "object".    However, if an object contains an _sprintf function it will still    be called in this case.    + o Constant objects +  An object can now be constant, allowing for better +  performace. For example used for Gmp.Bignum, Math.Matrix and +  Image.Color.    -  +    New modules / classes / methods / functionality added:   ------------------------------------------------------      o ADT.History    ADT implementation of a "leaking stack". Hilfe example:    > object h=ADT.History(3);    > for(int i=17; i<22; i++) h->push(i);    Ok.    > h->get_first_entry_num();    (1) Result: 3
pike.git/CHANGES:651:      (To browse bug tickets, either visit   http://community.roxen.com/crunch/ - or append the ticket id to   "http://bugs.roxen.com/" for an address directly to the ticket   itself.)            Uncategorized misc changes:   --------------------------- -  - o constant objects (Gmp.Bignum, Math.Matrix, Image.Color) +    o basetype()   o it is possible to change predefines without forking a new pike   o #pragma save_parent   o #pragma dont_save_parent (overrides constant __pragma_save_parent__)   o dont_dump_module *FIXME: grubba*   o C modules can no longer call functions in other dynamic C modules directly    FIXME: mast, grubba?   o It is possible to inherit pike programs from C programs.   o Separate weak flags for indices and values in mappings   o Added low lowel glue for the Ffmpeg library.         o Calendar.verify *FIXME: remove?*      Nilsson does lib:      master.pike - - Better %O print outs for objects and programs. - - pike -x + - Better %O print outs for objects and programs. /* DONE */ + - pike -x /* DONE */   - add_predefine/remove_predefine   - argc, argv and env are available when using pike -e   - getenv/putenv is now case insensitive on NT.   - Improved handling of module cross dependencies.      Array.common_prefix   Array.count   Array.greedy_diff   Array.oid_sort_func   Array.arrayify