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pike.git/CHANGES:20:       New module to allow threadsafe race-condition-free counting of resources.      o SSL.File       Support query_fd() and set_buffer_mode() methods.      o Toole.Standalone.check_http       - Allow redirect responses. -  +     - Support --expect option.    - o mktime/System.TM -  -  Considerable speedup and a reduction in codesize. -  +    Bug fixes   ---------      o Compiler       Improved variant robustness.      o Calendar       Updated tzdata to 2017c.
pike.git/CHANGES:57:    - Fixed indexing the NULL value error when InotifyMonitor was used in    combination with a filter_file() that doesn't accept everything.      o HTTPLoop:       Fixed some potential race conditions.      o Image.Image       - Improved argument checking in apply_curve(). -  +     Non-integer array values lead to use of uninitialized curve values.      o Image.PVR       Fixed size check for twiddled images.      o MIME       Support trailing newline in MIME part epilogues.   
pike.git/CHANGES:120:    Improved support for TLS/SSL; wait for TLS handshake to complete    before calling the sendfile done callback when sending an empty    string. This fixes the issue where the connection got closed    before TLS handshaking was completed, confusing the other side.      o Image       Creating images with mode "grey" now works as documented,    e.g. Image.Image(10,10,"grey",123);    + ======= + Optimizations + -------------    -  + o mktime/System.TM +  +  Considerable speedup and a reduction in codesize. +    Building & Tools   ----------------      o Image.SVG       Fall back to using the unprefixed pkg-config if the arch-prefixed    doesn't exist.      o Mysql