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pike.git/CHANGES:27:    This allows for testing compression.      o gdb_backtraces()       gdb_backtraces() is now available even --without-debug.      o ADT.Heap()->low_pop()       This function is analogous to low_peek().    + o Protocols.WebSocket +  +  Parse query variables in WebSocket Requests. +    Bug fixes   ---------      o cpp       Fixed stringify operator on strings containing escaped double quotes.      o mkpackage       Support $EXTRA_PLATFORM_TEST.
pike.git/CHANGES:60:    Improved robustness of the EXIF parser.      o Protocols.HTTP.Session       Ignore malformed expiry dates in cookies.      o Protocols.WebSocket       Fixed handling of truncated frames.    -  Parse query variables. -  -  Call either http_cb or ws_cb, not both, at the proper moment. -  +    o _Roxen       Backported multiple fixes from Pike 8.1.      o Compiler       Fixed broken range optimization.       Removed optimization that considered the hostname() constant.