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pike.git/CHANGES:3:      New/improved functionality:   ---------------------------      o New Hilfe    The interactive pike environment you get when running pike without    giving a program name, has been thoroughly rewritten. Most notably    it now supports more of the common pike constructs, and is more    extendable and configurable. Start it and type help for more info.    + o AutoDoc +    o pike -x    When starting pike with the -x parameter, the pike process will    run the named script in Tools.Standalone, giving the rest of the    arguments as command-line switches. This is a convenient way of    running rsif (replace string in file) and pv (the image viewer    you may be familiar with from Tools.PV).      o unbug      o Unicode 3.2.0
pike.git/CHANGES:316:    C---B-+-foo Pike 7.3.23 --- (present day)    |    +-A---foo --- Pike 7.3.22       Lookup of identifier "foo" in B():       B-+-foo All versions of Pike    |    +-A---foo    + o Image.Layer modes modified +  +  Alpha channel handling for modes add, subtract, multiply, divide, +  modulo, invsubtract, invdivide, invmodulo, difference, max, min, +  bitwise_and, bitwise_or, bitwise_xor, screen and overlay modified so +  that the source layer alpha channel copied to the destination layer +  alpha channel rather then mixed with the current layer alpha channel: +  +  aD=aS +  +  rather then the behavior before: +  +  aD=(aL+(1-aL)*aS) +  +  (which is the behavior of the 'normal' mode.) +  +  Bug fixes in the above modes so that alpha r,g,b channels +  are handled properly (separate). +  +  Bug fixes in equal, not_equal, less, more, less_or_equal, +  more_or_equal modes so that the alpha channel is handled as +  documented (which is, in fact, as above; aD=aS). +  +  Bug fix in divide, invdivide to actually do what the modes +  are supposed to do (rather then just black the layer). +  +  And while on it, adding some modes: +  +  'imultiply' - D=(1-L)*S +  'idivide' - D=S/(1-L) +  'invidivide' - D=L/(1-S) +  +  'value_mul' - multiplying the source layer value +  (as in h,s,v) with the curreny layer value to the destination layer +  ("true burn"). +  +  NOTE: There is no backward compatibility functions added for use +  with #pike. +  + o Thread.Condition()->wait +    o Protocols.LDAP.client    The return code from all methods was changed to follow Pike's    logic better. 0 is now a failure. The old behaviour is emulated in    a compatibility layer.      o dirname    Now correctly returns a directory instead of just stripping the    part after the nearest directory separator.      o LR
pike.git/CHANGES:382:   o dynamic loading   o #pragma save_parent   o #pragma dont_same_parent (overrides constant __pragma_save_parent__)   o dont_dump_module   o modules can no longer call functions in other modules directly   o it is possible to inherit pike programs from C programs.   o seperate weak flags for indices and values in mappings      Math.inf   Math.nan + Gmp.mpf + Gmp.mpq (Rational numbers) + Gz._file + Image.Image()->blur + Image.Image()->grey_blur + Image.PVR: VQ compression/decompression added + MIME.Message: guess mode added + Math.Transforms (FFT iFFT) + Math.Matrix()->sum,max,min + Math.Matrix.convolve + Math.Matrix.dot_product + Oracle: CLOB and BLOB support + Charset: Shift_JS, UTF-7.5, EUC, Big5, CP950, UTF-16, UTF-16BE, UTF-16LE + Crypto.MD4 + Crypto.crypt_md5 + _Ffmpeg + Image.JPEG: transforms + Stdio.File->sync + Stdio.get_all_active_fd (from spider) + system.normalize_path + system.gettimeofday + system.get_netinfo_property (Max OS X) + system.usleep/nanosleep + system.Memory (a class to read/write from mmap'ed or allocated memory) + SDL + Suffler + Image.SVG