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pike.git/CHANGES:117:      o Image.XWD       Improved size check better detects malformed XWD images.      o Protocols.LDAP.client       LDAP connections secured with TLS/SSL now timeout if the server does not    respond within 10 seconds.    + o Sql.mysql +  +  Improved character set handling +    o Sql.pgsql       Numerous bug fixes.      Building & Tools   ----------------      o Improved check for stack direction to also report correct results when    compiling with Clang 11.      o _TIME_BITS is now set to 64, to get a 64-bit time_t on 32-bit systems    running glibc 2.34 or newer.      o Improvements to building and installer code signing on macOS.      o Fixes to better support building with future versions of GNU make.      o Use updated FFI API in Java module, to better support recent libffi.    -  + o Fix testsuite generation for BSD m4 users; POSIX systems must continue +  to use GNU m4 (gm4).      Changes since Pike 8.0.702 (release 13)   ----------------------------------------------------------------------      New Features   ------------      o Core       - Added "->?" as the safe indexing variant of "->".