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pike.git/CHANGES:154:      o Protocols.HTTP.Query       On Solaris 11 Stdio.File()->connect() often fails with EADDRINUSE.    If this happens, retry the connection.      o Protocols.Websocket       Tentative fix for error 'indexing the NULL value with "set_nonblocking'.    + o Sql.pgsql +  +  - Ensure that the db connection is closed when the portal is closed. +  +  - Small speed boost. +  +  - Fix the only known deadlock-cause logged in the last year; only happened +  (rarely) on multiple parallel queries on a single connection. +    o SSL.File       Do not close automatically on write error.       The internal ssl_write_callback() would call shutdown()    on write error, which would cause the object to enter    one of the closed states, without the user actually    having closed the file.       This in turn caused errors like "Not open" from