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pike.git/CHANGES:90:      o Fixed stack overrun bug in Nettle.CBC and Nettle.Proxy. This is not    believed to have been a security issue.      o System       Added getloadavg() on platforms that support the getloadavg() call.       Added cross-platform get_home() and get_user() wrappers.    +  Added GetUserName() for Windows systems. +    o SSL       Added support for AES to SSL3, and fixed bug that prevented some    handshake failure alerts to be sent to the client.       Implemented RFC 5746 "TLS Renegotiation Indication Extension".       Support parsing of Hello Extensions (RFC 5246      o Stdio
pike.git/CHANGES:240:   Bug fixes   ---------      o Architecture/OS specific:       - Fixed segfault in combine_path_nt on windows when the first char    of an appended path is wide.       - Stdio.cp should now work on directory trees on Windows.    +  - Fixed bug that caused file_stat on Windows NT to not return a result +  on certain non-FAT filesystems. Fixes bug 6432. +  +  - Fixed a root directory check in Stdio on Windows NT. Fixes bug 3759. +    o Calendar module:       - Fixed backward compatibility for Calendar.iso_name() and    Calendar.iso_short_name().       - Fix evaluation order for Calendar.YMD.`+().       - Fixed problem with Calendar.month_from_yday() when applied on week    53. [bug 5303]   
pike.git/CHANGES:276:    - Fixed support for documenting arguments to implicit create().      o Graphics:       - Fixed leak in the PNG decoder for images with tRNS chunk.       - Fixed several issues related to lables on the X and Y axises    and the calculation of xmaxvalue for the bars/line/linear case    in Graphics.Graph.    +  - Fix integer underflow in Image.JPEG. Fixes [bug 6413]. +    o I/O:       - Support undocumented OS behaviour on out-of-band data returning    EOPNOTSUPP and ECONNRESET when a stream is half closed.    The undocumented behaviour is found on (at least) 2.6.x Linux    and FreeBSD 7.x and 8.x.       - Stdio.{write,append}_file() now throw errors in ALL failure modes.       - Stdio.File()->query_address() should return a correct errno when given
pike.git/CHANGES:329:    async_do_method_url.      o Runtime:       - Use nanosleep() when available instead of poll or select hacks for    the Pike-level sleep() function.       - Fixed a segfault occuring if exit() is used from a thread when    the Pike runtime has been compiled with cleanup-on-exit enabled.    +  - Fixed bug in new_check_call(). Fixes [bug 6442]. +  +  - Prevent short disablements of the gc from affecting gc intervals. +  +    o sprintf:       - Fix a buffer overrun when formatting Gmp.mpz as floats if the precision    exceeds the number of digits.       - Ensure that decimal points are used when floats are formatted    in casts etc. Previously the float formatting in casts and in    sprintf("%O",...) were susceptible to locale settings and could    therefore use something other than a '.' as decimal separator.    Note that sprintf("%f",...) is still locale sensitive.
pike.git/CHANGES:542:      o Fixed propagation of changed module directories for joinnodes by    zapping the joinnode cache.      o Fixed memory leak in Image.WBF.      o Fixed potential NULL-deref in Image.XWD.      o Fixed potential NULL-deref in Image.PNG.    -  +    Building and installing   -----------------------      o Nettle 2.0 is now supported.         Changes since Pike 7.8.116 (initial 7.8 release):   ----------------------------------------------------------------------      General