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pike.git/CHANGES:430:   o Parser.Python    Splits Python source code into text tokens.      o Parser.RCS    Extracts data from RCS or CVS repositories.      o Parser.XML.NSTree    This is an extended version of Parser.XML.Tree that can handle    namespaces according to the W3C namespace specification.    + o Pike.Backend and Pike.DefaultBackend +  It is now possible to start several backends, and to start the +  default backend without having to return negative from main(). +  +  Example: +  while(things_to_do) { +  mixed err; +  if (err = catch{ +  while(things_to_do) { +  Pike.DefaultBackend(3600.0); +  } }) { +  master()->handle_error(err); +  } +  } +    o Protocols.XMLRPC    Implements most features of the XML-RPC standard.      o Protocols.HTTP    All methods in Protocols.HTTP that take a header mapping can now    handle array values (signifying multiple headers of that type).      o SDL    Wrapper for a subset of Simple DirectMedia Layer    functionality. Useful for writing games, movie players and other
pike.git/CHANGES:698:    C---B-+-foo Pike 7.3.23 --- (present day)    |    +-A---foo --- Pike 7.3.22       Lookup of identifier "foo" in B():       B-+-foo All versions of Pike    |    +-A---foo    + o Individual parent object pointers are now only kept when needed +  In Pike 7.0 and 7.2 all objects kept a pointer to the surrounding +  object. This led to an excess of circular datastructures, which +  ment that the garbage collector had to kick in more often. In Pike +  7.4 parent object pointers are only kept if the object actually +  refers to identifiers in the parent. This change however affects +  the behaviour of object_program() and function_object(). +  + o __pragma_save_parent__ +  To change the default parent object pointer behaviour to the +  Pike 7.0/7.2 default it is possible to +  add_constant("__pragma_save_parent__", 1). +  + o #pragma save_parent +  To get the Pike 7.0/7.2 parent object pointer behaviour for a +  single compilation unit use the #pragma save_parent. +  + o #pragma dont_save_parent +  To restore the default Pike 7.4 parent object pointer behaviour from +  #pragma save_parent or __pragma_save_parent__ for a single compilation +  unit use the #pragma dont_save_parent. +    o Thread.Condition()->wait()    This function takes a mutex lock to unlock while it waits on the    condition. That argument was previously optional, but not any    more. The reason is that any code that leaves it out will always    contain a race; it doesn't work to e.g. rely on the internal    interpreter lock in this case.      o Protocols.LDAP.client()    The return code from all methods has been changed to follow Pike's    logic better. 0 is now a failure. The old behavior is emulated in
pike.git/CHANGES:832:      o Now supports Autoconf 2.50 & Autoconf 2.52         Uncategorized misc changes:   ---------------------------      o it is possible to change predefines without forking a new pike    add_predefine()/remove_predefine()    - o #pragma save_parent - o #pragma dont_save_parent (overrides constant __pragma_save_parent__) -  +    o dont_dump_module *FIXME: grubba*      System.usleep()/nanosleep()    FIXME: per?      master.pike   - Improved handling of module cross dependencies.      Multiset    - Pike.Backend +    Pike.Security   Pike.BacktraceFrame   Pike.WEAK_INDICES, WEAK_VALUES, WEAK      o String.SplitIterator    FIXME: grubba      o String.Replace, String.SingleReplace    FIXME      Array.common_prefix   Array.count   Array.greedy_diff   Array.oid_sort_func   Array.arrayify   Array.uniq2   Array.sum