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pike.git/CHANGES:1:   Changes since Pike 7.8.116 (initial 7.8 release):   ----------------------------------------------------------------------    - FIXME: Mention OOB changes? -  - FIXME: Mention Stdio.Fd_ref elimination work and related fd work which - includes new functions? -  - FIXME: Mentions thread yield changes? -  - FIXME: Mention "Fixed bug with a C stack check in F_CATCH that could be thrown from a spot where the catch context wasn't properly set up." -  - FIXME: Mention "Stop calling _sprintf or master()->describe_object in - describe_svalue when we're running low on stack, to avoid throwing - out-of-stack errors better while an out-of-stack backtrace is being - formatted."? -  +    General   -------      o Sql.pgsql:    - Substantial documentation improvements.    -  + o Stdio.Fd_ref is depricated and in the process of beeing eliminated. +  You have never used it before, so don't start using it now.    -  +    Bugfixes   --------      o Fixed bug in AGGR_ARR_EPILOGUE() (aka END_AGGREGATE_ARRAY()) that    caused the empty array to always be returned if there were no    unaggragated elements on the stack at END_AGGREGATE_ARRAY.    -  You are encouraged to upgrade just for this fix since it creates -  very rare but (seemingly) random occurances of empty arrays. +  You are encouraged to upgrade just for this fix since the bug +  creates very rare but (seemingly) random occurances of empty arrays.      o Fixed multiset_delete_node to work with destructed indices. This    fixes occasional bugs in various functions when there are destructed    objects in indices.    -  You are encouraged to upgrade just for this fix since it creates +  You are encouraged to upgrade just for this fix since the bug creates    (seemingly) random crashes that are hard to reproduce and track down.      o Fixed bug in the Odbc module on WIN32 where it would fail for some    field-types with the error "22003:Numeric value out of range".      o Clean up and fix UTF8/Unicode/wide string support for pgsql.      o Sql.pgsql:    - Various small fixes and performance improvements.    - Fixed fully transparent UTF8/Unicode/wide string/character set support.
pike.git/CHANGES:79:    Parser.SGML()->SGML() in the move to a separate file.    Parser.SGML.SGML is kept as a compatibility alias.      o Added Pike 7.6 and earlier compat for store_constant(UNDEFINED).      o Fixed race-condition causing "Lost track of child" on pikes compiled    --without-threads.      o Regexp.PCRE: Do not match the empty string past the end of the input.    + o Reduced the risk of throwing out-of-stack errors while formatting an +  out-of-stack backtrace.    -  + o Fixed bug that would cause sprintf's %nH to refuse all strings as to +  long for some values of "n" on some architechtures. +  +    Optimizations   -------------      o Fixed Filesystem._Tar.ReadFile to not gobble the whole tar entries    into memory at once.      o Improve performance of get_cpu_time() on OS X by avoiding a kernel    trap to get the ID of the underlying system thread.      o Throttle calls to task_info() on OS X since they are quite
pike.git/CHANGES:126:    FIXME: Review. Symlink support in chown is extremly dangerous if    done wrong.      o function_name() now knows how to adjust the names of named lambdas.      o Changed handling of POLLHUP for poll devices, it is now signalled on    all of the callbacks.      o Updated timezone data to tzdata2009c.    + o Added some support for the TIMESTAMP and INTERVAL datatypes to +  Oracle module.    -  +    New modules / classes / methods added   -------------------------------------      o Protocols.IPv6       Support for the IPv6 protocol. This currently only contains tools to    parse and normalize addresses. (Not much more is necessary since the    usual I/O interfaces support IPv6 as-is.)       FIXME: Should probably be in Tools or Standards.
pike.git/CHANGES:164:    encoding issues.      o Improved support for bumping via both Subversion and git.      o A recent stable Pike (7.8.116+) is now required to do a "make    export".      o The win32 installer now removes the generated master.pike on uninstall.       +    Changes since Pike 7.6:   ----------------------------------------------------------------------      This is a high level list of changes between Pike 7.6 and Pike 7.8.   General bug fixes, build fixes and optimizations are not mentioned   here. For a complete list of changes, please consult the CVS changelog   either directly or through Code Librarian.         New / improved language functionality