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pike.git/CHANGES:149:      o HTTP.Server      o Protocols.X.KeySyms      o Standards.CIFF      o Standards.FIPS10_4      o Standards.ID3 +  ID3 tags decoder/encoder. Supports versions: 1.0, 1.1, +  2.2-2.4. +  Uses frequently in MP3 files.      o Standards.RDF      o Stdio.FakeFile      o Stdio.GZipFile      o Tools.PV    Convenience tool that sets up a canvas with GTK, presents a    picture on it and delivers a number of image inspection and
pike.git/CHANGES:227:    questionable semantics, which is the reason it's been made an    error in this version. Pike 7.2 didn't implement it correctly;    there local:: on variables had only the effect to access the class    scope. Now a proper way to access hidden identifiers has been    added, so all such uses of local:: should be replaced with    this_program::.      o Protocols.LDAP.client    The return code from all methods was changed to follow Pike's    logic better. 0 is now a failure. The old behaviour is emulated in -  compatibility layer +  compatibility layer.      o dirname    Now correctly returns a directory instead of just stripping the    part after nearest directory seprator.      o LR    LR has been moved to Parser.LR and the API has been chnged.    FIXME: More about this?         Bugs fixed:   -----------      o Reworked trampolines to cause less circular references. (solves 1937)         (To browse bug tickets, either visit   http://community.roxen.com/crunch/ - or append the ticket id to   "http://bugs.roxen.com/" for an address directly to the ticket   itself.)