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pike.git/CHANGES:5:   ------------      o Calendar       Updated Calendar to use timezonedata from tzdata2016f.      o Crypto.ECC       Zero-pad short signature integers.    - o _Roxen.HeaderParser + o Protocols.HTTP.Server.HeaderParser       It is now possible to enable non-normalization on the entire object,    and not just on a per call basis. It is also possible to disable    support for folded headers, as per IETFs latest specification.      Bug fixes   ---------      o cpp   
pike.git/CHANGES:47:       Fixed handling of truncated frames.         Changes since Pike 8.0.240 (release 3)   ----------------------------------------------------------------------      New features   ------------    - o _Roxen.HeaderParser + o Protocols.HTTP.Server.HeaderParser       feed() can now be forced not to normalize (ie lower_case)    the header names.      o Protocols.WebSocket       Added client mode.         Bug fixes