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pike.git/CHANGES:60:    any need to terminate them with a semicolon.      o Complain about shadowed variant functions.      o Machine code support for more architectures.       There's now machine code support for arm32 and arm64.      o Fixed multiple integer over- and underflow bugs.    + o Extended sscanf %O    -  +  sscanf() is now able to parse all base types that sprintf %O can +  output. It can now also parse most literal constants pike accepts, +  including integers prefixed with 0x and 0b, and floating point +  numbers in scientific notation. +  +    Incompatible changes   --------------------      o Gz.crc32 and Nettle.crc32c now only return positive results.      o glob() has changed.       The main incompatibilities are that [ and \ are now special    characters in the pattern, and if you check the return value against    1 instead of checking if it's true, and use an array as the first