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pike.git/CHANGES:379:      o ADT.Heap       - An indirection object ADT.Heap.Element has been added to make it    possible to optimize several heap operations.       - Added low_pop().      o Crypto & Nettle    -  - Added Curve25519 and EdDSA25519. +  - Added Curve25519 with EdDSA.    -  +  - Added support for CMAC. +    o Filesystem.Monitor       The filesystem monitoring system now uses accelleration via    Inotify et al.      o Gmp       - mpf is now implemented using gmpf if the library is available.       - Improved support for GMP 5.0 and later.
pike.git/CHANGES:528:    - ODBC: Support big_typed_query().       - pgsql: Lots of changes and fixes.      o SSL       - Support session tickets.       - Support Negotiated FF-DHE.    +  - Support Curve25519 key exchange. +     - Support client certificates.       - Support ALPN.       - Prefer AEAD suites to CBC suites.       - SSL.File supports set_buffer_mode().      o Standards.PKCS   
pike.git/CHANGES:654:   o Added @enum/@endenum markup.      o Support undocumented enums with documented constants.         Building and installing   -----------------------      o GMP 4.1 or later is now required.    + o Nettle 3.5 is now supported. +    o C99 assumed       The configure tests will not check for functions defined in C99    anymore and C99 compiler support is assumed.