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pike.git/CHANGES:42:    glibc/linuxthreads.   o Bugfix when iterators are used in foreach. They are now incremented    after the loop instead of before it. This can have compatibility    effects in code that uses iterators explicitly. E.g:    String.Iterator iter = String.Iterator ("foo");    foreach (iter; int ind; int val)    werror ("%d %d\n", ind, iter->index());    This will now write "0 0", "1 1", etc. In previous versions of 7.4    it wrote "0 1", "1 2", etc since the iterator has already been    incremented to point to the next element. + o Bugfixes in Calendar.Fraction, which prevously lost track of the +  fraction component in Fraction()->set_timezone() and always returned +  0.0 in Fraction()->fraction_no().      Changes since Pike 7.4.10:   ----------------------------------------------------------------------      o Bugfix in Parser.C. "!=" is now considered one token instead of two.   o Bugfixed loop over-optimization caused by faulty dependency    analysis.   o Postgres 7.3+ correctly detected.   o Now function_object behaves as in Pike 7.2 again, returning zero if    the argument is a constant in the parent class. In that case