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pike.git/CHANGES:49:    method now always uses the old method while a new method,    signal_autoconnect_new() uses the new interface.   o Added missing GTK methof set_style.   o Fixed a compatibility problem with Getopt, which caused Pike 7.4 to    behave slightly different than previous versions when running in    posix-me-harder mode.   o Fixed a bug in the code handling boundaries in multipart messages in    the MIME module.   o Multiline tokens are now hanled better in Parser.Pike when running    in streaming mode. - o It is now not possible to call a read callback on a blocking socket. +    o Fixed a bug in low_backtrace where the backtrace itself could be    reported as an argument to the top function if it was of varargs    type.   o Fixed security hole with running next_object in a Pike with    security.   o Fixes to make dumping work in a fakeroot environment.   o Line numbers for C programs are now shown in backtraces even without    having to compile with rtldebug.   o It is possible to turn on only gc debug with trace(1,"gc").   o The aim for 20% garbage between gc runs was calculated on the wrong