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pike.git/CHANGES:12:   o 'auto' type added.       This is much like a strict typed mixed. The actual type is deduced    compile-time.       Typical use is as the type for variables in foreach when looping over    complexly typed values, or as the type in macro-defined functions and    similar.       auto can be used as return type for a function, it will be the -  logical or of all the types of the return statements in the +  type-union of all the types of the return statements in the    function.      o typeof(X) can now be used as a type.       The main use case is in macros, but it might be useful for other    things as well (as an example in a typedef).       typedef typeof(Val.true)|typeof(Val.false) bool;       typeof, when used like this, behaves very much like the C++
pike.git/CHANGES:35:   o ** operator added. It's exponentiation and works with most    combination of numerical types (int,float,Gmp.mpq,Gmp.mpf,Gmp.mpz)       `** and ``** operator overloading functions added.       This introduces one incompatible change: Previously the "pow"    function called a "_pow" function in the first argument if it was an    object. It has now been changed to also use `** (or, rather, pow()    is now implemented using predef::`**()).    - o New syntax for literal strings. -  +    o #pragma disassemble       The byte code output is now interleaved with the generated machine code    on selected architectures.      o Complain about redundant backslash escapes.      o '__weak__' modifier added.       It is now possible to declare object variables to have weak references.
pike.git/CHANGES:105:      o Stdio.UDP()->send() no longer throws errors on EMSGSIZE and EWOULDBLOCK.      o If a thread exits with by throwing, the thrown value is propagated to wait().      o String.trim_all_whites() renamed String.trim().      o Floats are no longer by default sorted before added. This may reduce    the precision but increases the speed of adding large number of    floats by a factor of 500. Applications handling floats with large -  differences in magnitudes needs to apply the appropritate sorting +  differences in magnitude need to apply the appropritate sorting    before arithmetics. As `+ was the only operator that performed    sorting, and functions like Array.sum did not, this was already a    concern.    -  +    New modules   -----------      o ADT.Scheduler & ADT.TreeScheduler       These are variants of ADT.Heap where elements typically aren't    removed from the heap.      o Apple.Keychain   
pike.git/CHANGES:347:         Deprecated symbols and modules   ------------------------------      o Sql.mysql_result and Sql.mysqls_result have been deprecated.    Use Sql.Result instead.      o call_function() has been deprecated. Use `()() instead.    +    Removed features and modules   ----------------------------      o Compatibility for Pike versions before 7.8 is no longer available.      o GTK1 library is deprecated, so glue code is removed.         C-level API changes   -------------------